Is the boundary for your module* right? Is the module coherent and loosely coupled with the rest of the system? Here are some things to look at to assess your design:

* you can replace the word “module” with “Bounded Context” or “(micro)service”

  • How easy it is to modify the module (its implementation, internal data structures, data storage, business rules) without affecting the rest of the system?
  • How easy it is to change the integration with other modules. If we use/communicate with X from our module, could we easily replace X with Y (providing similar functionality)?
  • Would it be easy to replace the module with off-the-shelf software without affecting the rest of the system?
  • How easy is it to remove the module when the business need is no longer there?
  • Are changes in the interface connected with required behaviour change, or do they result from changing implementation of one of the modules?
  • Is the module easy to test in isolation? Is it necessary to do a big setup to create entities from other modules/contexts?
  • Are you able to understand what the module does without looking at the implementation of its dependencies?
  • Are you able to describe the purpose of the module in one simple sentence?

What would you add?

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